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Ventotene Island


It is a small island, absolute and slow. Absolute its sea, its intense blue, but also its absolute earth, its fruits.
A little more than two kilometers of volcanic land, crossed by a long history 2000 years, looks like the outline of a whale seen from a distance, surrounded by sea and dotted with soft colors of low houses.
Ventotene gives deep emotions, and in every season offers the ultimate expression of what is a Mediterranean island. Winters silent, underlined by the wind and the sound of footsteps of its few inhabitants. Spring exploding sudden, revealing in the middle of a land essential fragrances and rich colors, to live with all senses alert. Sunny summers, with the sea star above and below, with depths of the most beautiful in the Mediterranean also accessible only for a swim, the few beaches, cliffs fragile in flux.
An island life made of slow rhythms, dating rituals at the bar, in the square, the harbor, the chatter under the arbor of country houses, an island where everyone can find his favorite corner. The nights are really starry, all living in small and never excessive local island, or walking to discover quiet corners, but especially in the freedom of each to invent magical nights.
The transition between summer and autumn is through the best party, Santa Candida patron saint of the island. The season is mild, after the summer everything comes together, the days still warm and full of memories offer an extension of the season to be exploited until a fund.